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In Vital Hub, wellness transcends borders. Founded on a vision shared by two pioneers, our mission is to introduce India to a curated selection of the world’s most genuine health and fitness products. Each item in our catalog is a beacon of quality and purity, handpicked from corners of the globe where wellness is a way of life.

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Vital Hub offers MADE SAFE certified products, ensuring the purest wellness experience free of harmful toxins.

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Vital Hub curates products designed for sustained results, keeping you feeling your best for long.

Femme Feroce Boob Tape Set

The Femme Feroce Boob Tape Set brings you the opportunity to shine in the spotlight with its fashion-forward style and amazing confidence that will fit and secure you in any outfit. Our range incorporates breast lift tape with high-quality, practical silicone nipple covers. It is an all-purpose fashion tape that takes care of modern fashion needs.

Ultimate Boob Tape for
Every Occasion

The Femme Feroce Boob Tape brings both comfort and support for all sizes with a clever 95% cotton and 5% spandex combination. It is hypoallergenic and stretchable up to 180%, providing a strong, waterproof hold for every look. It allows you to lift your chest confidently from day to night without it ever being visible.

Stay Chic and Secure with Femme Feroce Nipple Covers

Femme-Feroce Nipple covers are the most comfortable because they are completely invisible for all cup sizes. These 3 1/2 silicone pasties match your skin perfectly and keep concealed under any clothes. Hypoallergenic and waterproof, they come in a travel package. They are suitable for staying chic and comfy wherever you are.

Step Out Boldly with Femme Feroce FashionTape

Femme Feroce stands for a flawless look with its eco-friendly materials, such as premium cotton and Spandex, that are breathable and hypoallergenic. You can wear it in any outfit because it is waterproof or has space to feel air. It also creates a silhouette effect that is always stunning and lasting confidence.


Made using clean, non-toxic ingredients, our products are designed for everyone.

"Saving the day means not only keeping outfits intact but also not being harsh to the skin. Get yours Fashion Tape now and top up your wardrobe"

Gurpreet Singh

Ludhiana, Punjab

"The Nipple covers are really comfortable, and you can wear them under clothes without having to worry about them falling off"


New Delhi

"Easy to use and sure to ensure deep necklines and strapless tops stay in place without danger of wardrobe malfunctions with the help of fashion tape!"


Jaipur, Rajasthan

"Highly effective and untraceable. Ideal for cutting out sheer or tight tops. Every girl must have these Boob tapes"

Manisha Shukla

Bangalore, Kartataka
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