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Femme Feroce Nipple Cover

  • Covers for Nipples: You have two options: One with holes for a better breathable experience or one without holes for a completely smooth finish look.
  •  Adaptable Dimensions: The 3.5″ diameter is perfect for A to D cups. 
  • Seamless Comfort: To achieve such an attractive look, ultra-thin, hypoallergenic silicone, which is not at all thick and is designed to be hypoallergenic, is used. 
  • Water Resistant: It just suits nicely with the slow-moving sometimes of the pool or anything with a more active than sedentary lifestyle.
  •  The Secure Hold presents a safety net for you as you wear stylish, deep-plunge, strapless, or backless outfits throughout the day. 
  • Skin-Friendly Adhesive– Gentle and secure adhesive for comfortable and discreet nipple coverage, ensuring confidence and comfort all day.
  • Total Comfort: Thin and light, the metal case can be used on the road. Safe Storage: Maintains the hygienic values of the nipple covers.
  •  Shape-Retaining Metal Tray: It gives a sense of high quality and durability both in the form and quality. Femme Feroce steps up with the confidence and comfort you can wear any clothes.


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Introducing our revolutionary Femme Feroce nipple covers, designed to offer unparalleled comfort, discretion, and confidence for women of all cup sizes. With a convenient size of 3 1/2” in diameter, these reusable nipple concealers are meticulously crafted to provide a precise and natural fit, ensuring a seamless braless experience ideal for any outfit, from casual wear to Bollywood show dresses. 

 One of the standout features of our Femme Feroce pasties is their self-blending colour, which effortlessly merges with your skin tone, creating a flawless and natural appearance. Whether wearing a sheer top or a plunging neckline, these nipple covers will remain discreet and invisible, allowing you to flaunt your style confidently. 

 Crafted from exclusive silicone, our nipple covers boast advanced properties that set them apart. Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, they offer peace of mind for even the most sensitive skin types. Their water-resistant design ensures durability and long-lasting wear, making them an essential addition to your lingerie collection. Our nipple covers come in two varieties: 1) With Holes, which makes it easier for you to breathe while having it on 2) Without Holes, it Finishes your look smoothly and leaves no sign of visibility. 

 But the benefits don’t end there. Each Femme Feroce package includes a travel pack for on-the-go convenience, allowing you to free yourself from worries even when abroad. Inside, you’ll find our premium nipple covers, complete with a protective plastic film to keep them clean and dust-free and a metal tray to maintain their shape. 

With Femme Feroce nipple covers, you’re not just investing in a product but in comfort, confidence, and the freedom to embrace your unique style daily.


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